What are you looking for in a tutor? 

Are you looking for these criteria in your tutor: 

  • a heart to teach every student

  • Excellent teaching qualifications (excellent academic results and a degree in English language)

  • Extensive experience teaching in schools (current school teacher)

  • Extensive experience in tutoring secondary students individually and in groups?

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A Heart to Teach Every Student

The Drive to Be a Teacher

Mr Lee always wanted to be an English teacher since he was 16 years old. He caught the bug when his aunt asked him to coach his cousin for PSLE and she did well for the exams. There was nothing like seeing the spark in someone's eyes when they finally understood something.

From then on, he taught his siblings, his neighbours, neighbourhood children..., basically anyone he could. From there, it was just a natural decision to teach English. Other subjects could have been easier to teach (so much marking for English!!!), but English is the only compulsory subject, and Mr Lee wanted to teach in order to really make a difference in people's lives to have hope for a brighter future. 


Excellent Teaching Qualifications

Academic Background

  • A2 for O-level English (L1R5 score of 7)

  • A1 for A-level General Paper (AAB for H2 subjects)

  • Bachelor of Arts (2nd Upper Honours) in English Language Studies (National University of Singapore)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (specialising in English Language) from National Institute of Education (NIE)

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Extensive Experience Teaching (current school teacher)

Mr Lee has more than 10 years of teaching experience in MOE schools. He has taught secondary English for all levels (Secondary 1 to 4) and all streams (Normal Technical, Normal Academic and Express), depending on what the school needs. He has been teaching Express and Normal Academic graduating classes since 2019. 

He also taught General Paper in Junior College before but decided to return to teach secondary school English after the decision to merge junior colleges in 2017. 

Mr Lee also taught private candidates in private schools in 2004 and 2005. He taught private candidates who had left the mainstream education system, or foreign students who wanted to take the O-level examinations. He therefore has experience teaching students who were very weak in English as well. 

No matter the student, everyone has to learn English in Singapore, and Mr Lee has spent his life thinking about how to make English learning more effective and efficient.

Do you agree that your tutor should have extensive teaching experience in secondary school?

Do you agree that your tutor should have the most current knowledge about the English syllabus and examinations? 

Do you agree that your tutor should be able to teach students of all abilities and help them to improve? 

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