Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give individual tuition?

Currently, no, due to Covid-19 and the hassle of travelling. As a current schoolteacher, I also understand that my fees for individual tuition would not be affordable for most families.

Do you give group tuition in person or online?

Currently, I only give online due to the pandemic. Materials will be sent online and exercises will be done online as well. Feedback will be given as per a normal face-to-face session. The most important thing is that students learn, and it is more convenient and less tiring for students to learn at home as well.

How many students do you teach per group?

I take only 6-8 students per group maximum. This allows me to give personal attention to everyone and there is enough variety in the class for students to benefit from the feedback that other students get.

What slots are available for group tuition?

Currently, there are only 2 slots with vacancies: 

  • Thursday 7.30pm - 9pm for lower secondary

  • Sunday 9am -10.30am for upper secondary

What are your fees for group tuition?

The fees may change over time, so do contact us to find out the most updated information on fees.

How are fees payable?

Fees are payable at the beginning of the month for the month's tuition (4 sessions).

If a month has more sessions (5 weeks) or fewer (e.g. starting in the middle of the month), then fees will be pro-rated accordingly. 

Fees are payable by direct transfer or PayNow. Details will be sent once arrangements are confirmed. 

Are there any refunds if a student is absent for a week?

There are currently no refunds for absences. The lesson will be recorded and the materials will be given to the student so that they can try the exercises when they get better and watch the recording when they get better.

Do you teach English Literature?

Unfortunately, no. I only learnt English Literature at the lower secondary level. I was more interested in teaching English Language because of its importance and impact value.

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