Why Online Lessons? 

Lessons will be conducted online by Google Meet. There are many advantages to conducting lessons in this way:

  1. It eliminates the travelling time. Time is precious, especially for busy students. 

  2. Many students are too shy to ask questions in person. Students can ask questions more easily by typing them out, rather than asking the tutor directly.

  3. Safety, especially in these COVID-19 days nowadays.

  4. There is no need to share your personal information such as your address. 

  5. Lessons can be recorded and referred to again. Students can always come back and check if they missed anything. 

  6. Lower fees as the tutor also does not need to travel far to teach.

  7. Online platform can collect answers from all students. Tutor can give feedback on all answers in front of the class. This is better because students can learn not only from their mistakes alone, but also from the mistakes of others. The learning becomes deeper then as they understand what mistakes can happen. 

Any questions? Let us know below!